The SoSportz Highlight Film Department focuses strictly 
on making quality  highlight films for athletes to distribute 
to the colleges of their choice. We only offer individual 
highlight films and skills video. Highlight  films take an 
extensive amount of time and our team must have an ample  
amount of time to complete this project.

Individual Highlight Film
A personal highlight film is an excellent way to promote yourself to colleges around the country.  
SoSportz Films can produce an amazing compilation of your best games and plays. With extensive
input from the customer on style, plays, and music, we can create a DVD of your own highlights.

Starting The Process
After you email your digitize game footage that you recorded or borrowed from your coaches, we will
analyze it, spotlight the actions coaches are in search of, and compile your individualized highlight 
video containing your stats and contact information.

Once we receive your footage(s), our SoSportz Film Team will immediately review it in its entirety and 
determine which plays, skills, and actions show your greatest potential. Videos Need To Already 
Be Digitized

**The videos should be creative and have a creative look yet not overly creative because the 
scouts and coaches are only interested in seeing the athletes talent from the video.**